Sad But TRUE News, 2023

WPS News.

JUNE 2023

Well ,what can i say, WINTER is here and the monkeys must be kept warm. Pola Fleece material is one of the best ways plus cooler boxes to keep them warm in this country . I used to have heating pads and par 38 light bulbs in every cage but, well, the cost of electricity grew too much as we expanded.

Now, well loadshedding in South Africa is a nuisance, however we already made other ways to keep them warm.

This last month has been very challenging as i have saved two of other peoples monkeys but also lost two. It is very hard ,because i want to have 100 percent survival rate, but that is impossible, no matter how hard I try. It is very emotional whenever you loose those close to you. Everybody knows i am extremely close to all animals,family and friends. I am sure you are too. 

Anyway, after 30 minutes resusertating an almost dead monkey, coated with mud, i resusertated him and immediately gave suportive therapy. He did so well and then, died. 

I felt so positive as he was doing so well and  did everything i could, but it still hurt me. 

Another monkey, who was about 8 years old considered old in small monkeys in other countries and in captivity. This monkey had rotten teeth and when the autopsy was done, a fatty tissue clump was found on his heart causing a heart attack. His age and possibly hereditary too, no one could save his life.

What we also must make people aware of, are scams in South Africa, probably all over the world too. People on Facebook, etc saying ‘free monkeys’. Catching people out. These are not pets, they are wild animals and like all wild animals, don’t be surprised if you bitten or end up dead. 

Winter times are quiet for us, not much work for non – permanent volunteers. South Africans are going through a very difficult time, it is up to us to look after all animals the best we can in any way we can.  

We also need to be aware which is the massive exporting of monkeys from South Africa to other countries. Whilst in my opinion, Zoo’s to Zoo’s are okay but not as pets to individuals. Every country has their problems and it is up to us, humans to look after them , forever!

In this respect i would like to thank those that do help.  

Yours sincerely,

W. Macleod and Team.


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