Saving Through Educating – May 2023

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I must appologise for skipping a month, but I went through a very sad loss when two sibling cousins of mine, one in the UK and one in Cape Town (and a few years younger than me) both passed away in March.

Approaching winter is a very quiet time of the year for us and it’s a challenge just to keep our heads above water ….. always with your much appreciated help.

In the last month or so we have rescued several monkeys and we also managed to save one monkey’s hand from having to be  amputated. We  were also able to home two capuchins.

Monkey introductions went well because we do them slowly. Monkeys, like us human beings, take time to get to know faces and one another in any new environment.

A little footnote for those of you who are new to monkeys is that 

humans and monkeys have the same number of fingers and toes. They also have their own unique  finger prints just like us humans and also 12 pairs of ribs and 32 teeth just like us!

Monkeys also share several important blood type systems with us humans and get many of the same diseases as us which is why we therefore can share the same medicines.

Monkeys also get to remember the names humans give them. And we must never underestimate their intelligence!

For those of you who  have monkeys in captivity please remember that their diet is like ours and must be varied and balanced. 

The reason why monkeys in captivity have a shorter lifespan  than when they are in the wild is because in captivity they are hand-given food  instead of foraging far and wide on their own. With less activity in captivity their heart and cardivascular system has less healthy exercise than when they have to roam  several kilometers in the wild. (Remember we humans also need to walk or run regularly for our own healthy hearts and cardiovascular systems).

Like us, monkeys also need to spend a certain pertantage of time exposed to the sun so that they can absorb Vitamin D3 which is essential for healthy bones.

Well, on that note I want to thank all of you again for every bit of help you give us!

We really appreciate your help

and are immensely grateful for it!

Yours sincerely,

W. Macleod and Team.


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