October Newsletter, 2022

In memory of Cuz Vernon

Dear Friends and Family,

Well I never, what a tough month with this load-shedding which has not made things easy at all!! Trying to prepare monkeys’ food and keeping the sick warm has been quite a mission!

I think it’s about time we get a generator so if anyone can sponsor us one – even a small, in working-order, second hand one –  we would be so, so grateful. 

On a sad note for me, my cousin Vernon, who was also my newsletter editor, passed away from colon cancer. The loss of him in September was unexpected and I’m going to miss him greatly. Not only did he edit my newsletter (correcting my grammar, etc) but he was a real inspiration and he always had time for me whether at a get-together for a chat at a coffee shop nearby or visiting me at the sanctuary or with regular phone chats. He was a true-blue and very  kind and caring and giving human being who loved animals and humans and nature. I was blessed to see him in Cape Town, one last time, on my short visit to Cape Town earlier this year.

This month Community Service has been a little bit slow and with me having flu and then laryngitis this unfortunately did not help the Helpline Service which has been very busy!

We had lots of calls regarding vervet monkeys and baboons running around  in the Edenvale and Kempton Park areas so it is best not to feed them as  they tend to make their way to higher ground. We don’t want them to be  hurt by humans and to catch and relocate a big male baboon is especially difficult.

Our very special appreciation and thanks to all of you who help us with your caring and kind  support, whether in giving of your time or  other needs for the Sanctuary. 

Bless you all.

Yours sincerely 

W. Macleod and the Monkey Team.


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