August Newsletter, 2022

Dear friends and family,

I must say that there are some caring people out there and for that i am so grateful.

A few weeks ago we had three people to help with their monkeys.

Obviously we strive for 100 percent recovery, however its not always possible. Two out of the three recovered. My deepest condolences for the little one that passed.

I always call them ….little ones… despite them being fully grown. No matter what…i do say a prayer for them and always hope for their speedy recovery. And as much as i want and do my best to save them all i know it is not possible.

Sometimes i say i wish i had hands and minds more than many Octopuses …maybe i can help and save more.

On a slightly different note i would like to thank Hannes for donating clothes to myself and five other people that help with the monkeys. Thank you for your generosity.

And when it comes to foods for the monkeys more especially proteins such as,: chicken,bullybeef, palony,eggs,lactogen, nuts,cheese,yogurt , fishfingers, fishcakes,mince and sausages , which as we all aware are just sooo expensive and we do use at least two and try to use hopefully four proteins a day especially in winter. Baby Milk products will certainly help if you able to. I buy Kalmag, vitamin C, Vaydaylin and some body building products to add into their porridge as well so that i can boost their immune system.

On another note if you can , we are in need of cages and can fetch it if it is detatchable and not too far away. Paint , we use green roof paint to preserve the cages from rust and should anybody have spare paint or even old paint in your garage we can certainly use it if it is still liquid.

To those that have helped we truly appreciate it . Every bit helps.

Be warm in this horrible loadshedding .

Thank you again in advance.

Don’t forget our website and please share it. A big thank you to a very special person who made this possible.

May you be blessed .

Yours Faithfully
W. Macleod and the Monkey Team.

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