October Newsletter, WOW NEWS 2023

World Primate Sanctuary Care and Rescue October Newsletter 2023

Dear Readers

Almost Christmas again and then it’s 2024 !

This month was a little better than last month thanks to more support from you and it  brought  tears of appreciation to my eyes. Thank you all sooo much.


This was a bit slow this month but still rewarding and we are always grateful for the volunteer work.


We managed to treat and cure quite a number of owners’ sick marmoset monkeys and I  always feel great about that. 


We were blessed with a chest freezer donated to us. And it is also big enough to fit all the bought and donated food. Thank you so much to that kind  person for helping us. Much appreciated. 


Well, microwaves can’t last forever and one of our ones gave up the ghost and it seems like the transformer has gone. And then one of our small fridges ran out of gas but we managed to fix it.


WPS did a number of talks during the month helping to educate people in order to save monkeys’ lives. The book I have written  promotes education about small primates and includes case studies about monkeys and many useful photographs plus my personal autobiography.  


I have mentioned this before but it really is very important to rat-proof your cages and close any holes that they can use to enter the cages. Monkeys can die because of a Yesinia pseudo tuberculosis disease that kills them quickly. It affects their liver and can cause a heart attack.They still eat well and may also have no sign of a runny tummy but then  the next day you find them dead.  Although it may look like a heart attack  on autopsies it shows up as a deteriated liver. Medicines, even  if caught in time, don’t always work so  therefore prevention is better than cure.

Pigeons also carry this disease in their droppings so be careful where you put your cages. Ants are out and about but they are not toxic. However to prevent them from eating the monkeys’ food put their food bowl into a wider container of water or sprinkle baby powder onto the feeder before putting the food back. Flies are  back to irritate us again but good old fashioned sticky roof goodies help a lot as well as certain incenses. Generally flies are attracted to proteins or what I call smelly veggies like cabbage, coliflower and broccoli all of which I don’t give to the monkeys as they can cause runny tummies. These veggies plus rice cooked with proteins, being all animal products, attract flies to lay eggs on these foods but should that happen we extract that when checking.  However monkeys are very clever and they eat around it if we are too late to spot it.


We still in need of outdoor cages should anyone wish to donate we would be so greatful.


Once again thank you to all of you who care and help. Very, very much appreciated 

Yours faithfully W.Macleod and the WPS teams

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